Top Five Services Your Manufacturing Business Can Outsource

Small manufacturing businesses can benefit from outsourced services. This allows you to lower both labor and operation costs and tap into world-class capabilities. It enables you to leverage resources that are currently unavailable in your organization. You get to delegate hard-to-manage tasks to complete your client’s requirements. You can even avoid mundane and repetitive tasks from taking too much of your time.

If done the right way, your small manufacturing company can start scaling economically and cater to more customers in no time. Until you can finance the necessary equipment and afford to hire more in-house employees, you can consider outsourced services as your company’s lifesaver. The following are some tasks you can consider outsourcing.


You might think it is a bit inappropriate to outsource manufacturing services when you’re running a manufacturing business. But in reality, this makes sense for as long as you get to reduce your costs and keep with your customer’s demands. No business will judge you for hiring manufacturing services, which has become a common occurrence in the industry.

Let’s say you’re running a bit low on funds, space, and materials to come up with your required prototypes. Instead of draining your rainy day funds, you can simply outsource a printed circuit board assembly to create your prototypes. All you need is to provide your PCB manufacturer with your designs, so they can start working on the project.

You can also ask your PCB manufacturer to send you a sample of your prototypes to check if these are up to your standards. Once they receive your go signal, that is the time they will craft the rest of the PCBs. All that is left is to wait for your boards to be delivered.

Professional Services

There are tasks that only professionals can efficiently handle. These include legal counseling, training and recruitment, payroll, and tax preparations. Instead of hiring your in-house accountant, for instance, you can outsource accounting services instead.

Hiring professional assistance allows you to take advantage of their expert services even if you’re on a restricted budget. You can hire a lawyer to take care of routine legal tasks. You can hire tax preparation services to make sure you get to avoid tax errors and penalties.

One can hire human resources duties when hiring and placing employees and make sure your business is compliant with government and state regulations. Payroll services help you in paying workers their wages and their contributions to the right government agencies. By freeing yourself up from such tasks, you can focus on your main role and continue to grow your small manufacturing company.

Creative Services

Creative tasks include logo making, article writing, advertising, and production. All these can help your company build brand awareness, attract more clients, and engage customers and drive revenue. While such tasks are all important for business success, you may find it hard to do all these on your own or even find an employee who can accomplish all these on top of their primary role.

Sometimes, creative tasks are just temporary projects. This means there is no point in hiring a full-time employee to tackle creative projects if they don’t have anything to do each day. You can save money and still accomplish your desired output by hiring creative services instead.

IT Services

employees in the office

Almost all businesses these days make use of computers, at least for their back offices. Your small manufacturing business can take advantage of an IT specialist’s expertise, but you may not need them daily. By having an on-call IT professional to take care of your needs, you can still enjoy IT solutions, but at a more affordable rate.

Some of the IT services your company possibly needs are :

  • IT consulting
  • Cloud services
  • Network security
  • Network integration
  • New computer setups
  • Virus/malware removal
  • Wireless security solutions
  • Hardware/software support
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Virtual Assistant Services

If you need help with administrative tasks, then you can choose a virtual assistant instead. They can help ensure all your time-consuming but equally important tasks are dealt with at the end of the day. You get to hire them at certain hours each day and save yourself the trouble of answering calls, scheduling appointments, talking to suppliers, or taking down minutes.

One perk of hiring a virtual assistant is that you can get rid of employee drama. Since they work remotely, they are almost always on time and don’t get caught wasting their time gossiping or lounging in your office. They can handle all your routine work, freeing you more time to focus on your business or spend more time with your family.

You have your hands tied up due to all the tasks piled up on your plate. You need to get things done on a strict budget and a tight timeline. All these issues you can accomplish if you choose to outsource services according to your company’s needs.

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