Older Generations: How to Effectively Market to Them

In most cases, we associate ourselves with individuals based on our personal preference, political bias, fashion statement, and, most importantly, our age group. Since we usually hang out with groups of people who have the same interests, we also tend to use different ways of making us different from other groups.

For the most part, older generations are known for having different political stances, fashion statements, and priorities compared to younger generations.

Chances are, most people in the older generations won’t have the same interests as those in the younger generations. If you’re going to use quirky worlds and etymologies, you’ll probably go to confuse these older generations, and you’ll end up attracting millennials and other demographics as well.

As such, it’s only essential that we take a step back and do some research on how we can captivate our target audience. In this case, how do we captivate a more elderly and wise audience? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

How Are Older Generations Different from Younger Ones?

It’s widely known that how we politically align ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we see the society that we will live is determined by the generation we’re born in. Some experts believe that most of the things that would influence a person’s identity, especially in terms of their political alignment, will depend on what’s currently trending when they turn 18.

But if we’re going to look at this from a marketing perspective, boomers aren’t quite far off from millennials and younger generations. Contrary to what most people think, a good portion of boomers at this time and age have been spending more time online, especially when authorities have been encouraging people to stay inside their homes.

But despite these differences that we have with the older generation, it’s still paramount that we give our elders respect, regardless of the differences they have with us. Suppose you’re looking for a senior living community that features high-quality living spaces for your elderly loved one. In that case, several senior living spaces are known for having an engaging community that will ensure that any senior citizen feels right at home.

How Do You Market to Them?

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Social Media and Other Online Platforms

Even though most older generations are not as tech-savvy as their younger counterparts, the majority of some social media platforms are aware that a good chunk of their community is composed of older individuals. For instance, in 2019, 70% of baby boomers used YouTube at some point, and 68% of this group occasionally used Facebook.

Most experts would say that there’s a lot of misconception regarding generations older than generation X-ers. One of the most common myths is that older generations are technologically-challenged. In reality, some of the technologically marvels that we have today are attributed to boomers’ innovations. Boomers are also known for having award-winning professionals in the field of engineering and mechanical design.

Still, it’s important to remember that when you’re marketing to a specific demographic, especially when it comes to online marketing, search engines will play an integral role in funneling your engagements to your social media page or your domain. You might need professional insight from search engine optimization professionals who know how to incorporate the right keywords so that a more elderly audience can easily find your business.


Each generation will have their own “language,” and most will use their slang that most generations will only understand themselves. A lot of the older generation won’t comprehend memes or even abbreviations like “ROFL” or “LMAO,” and this might catch them off guard. The last thing that you want is potential customers being put off since they won’t be able to relate to a particular “language” or slang that you’re using.

Simple Things

Last but not least, customer and user experience will always be crucial to success when you’re dealing with all age groups. Whether it comes to designing an application, making a product easier to handle, or writing an article, it’s always good to have a concise and straightforward article that everybody can understand. For elderly individuals in general, it’s essential to make some fonts and texts as readable as possible.

There are several ways of marketing to an elderly audience. Even though certain preconceived notions that elderly individuals are not as technologically savvy as other generations, it’s still appropriate that we treat them in the same way as we treat other generations.

Most individuals who are part of the older generation, especially those who are generation X, are still well-versed in technology. Even though many the older generation might prefer more traditional and “organic” means of advertising products, it’s still imperative that you find a balance of both traditional and contemporary means of marketing our product.

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