The Utah economy is one of the strongest in the United States. The data revealed that its gross domestic product (GDP) grew by nearly 4.5% in 2018, a sharp increase from 2.7% the previous year. Not surprisingly, it earned the second spot in terms of GDP growth.

Opening a company in the Beehive State also has a shortcut. For example, you can already buy a business. A broker can help you find an organization that matches your needs and cost.

However, these businesses might already have an existing clientele, management, or products and services. You might need to rebrand everything, especially online. The process isn’t simple, but it is doable. Here are four things to remember:

1. Skip the Surprises

Change is hard for many people, especially for the customers, and any massive modification can be a bitter pill to swallow if you do it in a sneaky way. If you intend to rebrand the business, then clarify it as soon as you decide to do it:

  • Leave hints of rebranding across social media channels.
  • Create a landing page about relaunching. Once you already have the date, add it to the page.
  • Release press releases and blogs about the rebrand. These articles are great when you want to make customers understand the purpose of rebranding.
  • Inform the audience who, why, and when you bought the business.

2. Understand the Vision and Mission of the Brand

Rebranding is easier when the new vision and mission do not steer far away from the old ones. This way, you can still hold on to the existing market or customers while broadening your reach and expanding your products and services.

This tip also suggests that even before you buy the business or the brand, you also know the values of the organization.

3. Create a Consistent Look and Feel Across All Channels

Rebranding comes with massive changes, including new logos, slogans, color schemes, and even the name of the business. If the business has been around for a while, it can take some time before customers can embrace or accept the modifications.

However, you can speed up the process with consistency:

  • Set the tone. Is the new brand more casual than the old one? If the answer is yes, then you also need to adjust the tone.
  • Use the same logo and name throughout your social media accounts.
  • Add your brand identities on your e-mails.

developing a business strategy4. Start SEO Immediately

Rebranding could mean new keywords to use for search engine optimization (SEO). While SEO helps you connect to your fresh target market quickly, it can take between 4 and 6 months to see results.

As soon as you rebrand, get your SEO strategies rolling as well. Work with an SEO team that specializes in the process. As a note, be patient and instead harness social media to help boost awareness and even gain new customers while waiting for SEO results.

Rebranding a business online will not be easy, and you can encounter resistance along the way. However, with persistence and commitment, you can build a brand that’s now your own.

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