When Fashion Meets Athletics, It’s Athleisure!

You see it on the streets and on TV. You see your favorite celebrities wearing it, and some of them even wear it on the runway. You might also wear them every day! Sports jerseys, running shoes, track pants, snow boots, and even more popular branded items such as Nike sports shoes or Bogner winter snow pants are everywhere, and it’s all because of athleisure fashion.

It All Started at the Gym

Athleisure is a common sight these days as more people are wearing leggings and tracksuits even when they’re doing the most mundane of things: shopping for groceries and going to the mall. But it all started in the fitness and athletics boom of the 1990s. Suddenly going to the gym was the trend, and an active lifestyle was the health trend to follow.

Then in 1997, the sportswear market exploded when yoga pants became mainstream. Celebrities started wearing them on the streets of New York or Los Angeles, carrying a yoga mat on the side and sporting stylish sunglasses and sports shoes. Made of synthetic fibers that are stretchable and durable, yoga pants promised great support and contoured any woman’s shape.

For many, this was enough reason to wear body-hugging pants. The interest in athleisure made the return of the leggings inevitable, and now it’s become staple wear for models, actresses, soccer moms, and every working woman in any city worldwide.

The Sporting Life

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But athleisure is more than just gym fashion. It’s also sportswear that you could find in the baseball field, basketball courts, the slopes, and even on the Olympic field. And you don’t even have to play the sport!

It’s normal to buy your team’s favorite jersey as a way to show support during a game, but musicians made wearing sports jerseys a fashion statement. Rappers and singers started to wear them to events and their music videos. While some movie stars wear them because they love the sport, some wear them for the sheer comfort of wearing loose and cool sportswear.

Athleisure Does Not Equate to an Active Life

But don’t be fooled by all this focus on athletics and sportswear. Wearing sportswear does not mean the person is leading an active and healthy life; more often, the person wants to look fashionable but still feel comfortable.

The majority of people who wear gym fashion are also genuinely interested in an active lifestyle, but it’s not your usual sports activity or aerobics training. Many people these days combine yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, and strength training to make their workouts more holistic. As a consequence, many spend their weekends in gyms and training sessions, and the result is seeing more athleisure outfits on the street.

A Fashion Statement that Covers Everything

Though some might not like to think of it as fashion, more and more people are choosing athleisure outfits to suit their active lifestyle. And the trend is continuing to grow in popularity. Many people are now exploring sports and seeing the value of spending time outdoors, especially after being stuck at home for months. Besides, it’s the only kind of outfit that makes you feel healthy, comfortable, and competent all at the same time.

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