What Are The Traits Of Strong And Independent Women?

Times have changed- more and more women are embracing independence as it makes them feel stronger and fiercer. When we say independent woman, we don’t just see a female posing like a wonder woman. In most cases, independent women walk past you, ready to take on the world.

Sometimes, you don’t even know that you are independent and strong, mainly because you are unaware of your strengths. That said, let’s talk about the characteristics of a strong and independent woman.

Not relying on anyone else for happiness.

One of the most significant traits of independent women is that they don’t need anyone to feel happy. They can make themselves happy and know what to do to attain genuine happiness. Indeed, they have friends and family that make them smile, but their joy will never decrease should they lose a few people in their lives.

Being okay in spending time alone.

An intelligent woman knows that there’s a difference between fearing being alone and not liking being alone. For instance, introverts prefer to be in a crowd as they draw energy. However, an independent woman couldn’t be bothered if she needed to be alone. Spending some time alone is her way of restoring energy in her body so that she can bounce back stronger than ever.

In total control of her finances.

Independence comes in many forms, and if you’re an independent woman, being free of financial burdens is a must. As an independent woman, you need to be in total control of your money. You are not interested in marrying a rich guy that would finance you for the rest of your life as you can do that yourself. One of your principles is that no one else can save you but you. And the best way to do that is by paying your bills on time and having a savings fund under your name.

Her home is well-kept.


A clean and well-kept house or apartment is one of the most common signs of strength and independence. You ensure that everything is in order, your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are always neat and clean.

Independent women don’t like clutter, and they hate mess, mainly because most of them live alone, and a clean house keeps them happy. Some of them even hire interior designers to ensure that their homes are always Instagram-worthy.

You know the things that will make you happy.

For many independent women, happiness is a choice, and it’s something that they will keep choosing for as long as they live. What’s more, is that they know what makes them happy. For instance, during stressful days, you know that yoga is the only thing that can help you recharge your energy. You don’t succumb to sadness. Instead, you divert your attention to things that will make your heart flutter.

You have goals, and you know how to get them.

Life goals are what drive independent women to keep hustling. They don’t just list down what they want in life, but they also create plans to achieve them. You keep your eyes on the prize, and you stop at nothing until you get what you really want in life.

Moreover, your goals keep getting bigger and bigger. The more you achieve your dreams, the more you want to keep reaching more. After all, your confidence and self-reliance are way too big to doubt that you’re bound for more incredible things.

Other Traits

Being independent makes you exceptionally strong. Here are the other traits that make a woman happily independent:

  1. She does not settle for less than what she deserves. The moment she feels disrespected, she walks away.
  2. An independent woman embraces change- she is not afraid to take on new challenges.
  3. She is confident- showing no signs of insecurity or jealousy.
  4. Being comfortable in her own skin. She shows who she is and does not pretend to be somebody she’s not.
  5. Responsible. As a strong woman, she doesn’t rely on anybody to take care of her.
  6. Admit mistakes. Despite being strong and independent, she’s aware of her limitations. When she makes mistakes, she doesn’t point fingers and admits what she did wrong.
  7. She does not need a man to feel whole. Having a loyal man is a bonus for an independent woman, but she does not necessarily need a partner to feel complete as she can keep her own company.
  8. Self-respect is valuable. Self-respect is above everything, and she will never compromise it for anything.
  9. She stands for her beliefs. An independent woman has a mind of her own, which means she would always stand by her convictions.
  10. She is proud. Her achievements make her extraordinary, and she will never be shy of being good at what she does.

Everyone can define a strong independent woman differently. But at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel about yourself. If you feel strong, happy, and self-reliant, no one can make you feel lesser of a great woman. Keep hustling!



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