With the rise of several social media platforms, online customer service has become necessary now more than ever. And since the majority of people spend most of their time online, providing customer service to consumers that would keep them safe in the comfort of their homes becomes critical.

Customer service has always been an essential part of all businesses. It allows the entrepreneurs and the customers to create relationships. When a customer needs assistance regarding specific issues or has concerns about products, they can communicate to the company’s customer service department. And that reason alone is more than enough to consider customer service pivotal.

The Benefits of Online Customer Service

Less Costly Than Other Methods

Online customer service allows you to connect with your customers without the need for expensive phone lines and traditional monitoring equipment. Here, you only need to invest in two things: the internet and the computer. In addition, creating pages on social media platforms is free, so you don’t have to may much.

Furthermore, in contrast to traditional call center situations where one representative can only answer one customer at a time, online customer service enables one to answer a specific question available to several people.

As you can see, this is a great way to maximize online customer service capability. It significantly reduces the chance for people to repeat the question as it has been answered already.

Enhanced Brand Exposure

It’s pretty apparent that social media is the modern platform to disseminate information, and there is no lie there. Investing in excellent online customer service allows your company’s brand to be exposed unconventionally.

Social media is the platform where satisfied customers can inform their friends and family about your products and services. Over time, this information they share can spread to the public. As a result, interested customers can have a broader view of what you can offer.

For instance, many people nowadays struggle to pay their home loans due to the pandemic. If your company offers mortgage refinancing solutions, going online is a great way to communicate with them without meeting physically.

Improved Customer Service

People love convenience, and what better way to offer it than providing customer services with just a few clicks.

There are generally three major elements of excellent customer service: prompt response, empathy, and resolution. However, not all companies can provide the 4th element, known as “going beyond expectations.”

A simple action such as acknowledging a customer’s concern online is one of the examples of surpassing expectations. You’re not just aiming to solve their problems; you’re also developing a relationship with them. Moreover, online customer service allows you to answer clients simultaneously.

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Different Platforms for Customer Service

Social Media

Online customer service through social media is becoming more popular. This platform has allowed small, medium, and large enterprises to reach out to their consumers in ways they’ve never done before.

Several companies these days, regardless of size, interact with their customers through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. What’s great about social media is that it allows you to receive queries and concerns in real-time, allowing you to give responses immediately.

Over the Phone

Hotline customer service is probably one of the most convenient ways to hear your customers. Often, customers are answered by automated machines, asking them to key in options through the keypad. Customers may need to key in several answers before speaking to a representative.

The idea is to help the system get as much information as needed to provide excellent customer service. Through the answers provided by the customer, the call operator can quickly determine the customer’s concern and prepare the best possible solution before they even speak.

Snail Mail

There was a time when customers needed to write a company a letter to talk about their concerns. Well, that wasn’t so convenient. Apart from paper and pen, they need to get out of the house and go to the post office. What’s worse is that customers usually need to wait for more than a week to get a response. Some of them don’t even get any reply at all.


E-mail is the beginning of online customer service. Because of this method, customers no longer need to wait on the phone for a response or write a letter, only not to get a reply. Many customers find E-mail customer service more convenient as they can write in the comfort of their homes.

In conclusion, online customer service has made it easier for businesses to communicate and interact with their customers. It comes with benefits that both parties can take advantage of.

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