It is scientifically proven that we like aesthetically pleasing things. It is because we often find it easier to use something that looks pleasing to the eyes than those seen as “ugly.” It is, of course, different when we talk about attraction between other people, but the principle is the same. We like beautiful things, and we have a bias towards them.

The fact that everyone is attracted to aesthetically pleasing things creates the need for people who specialize in design and layout to bring out the creative value of a particular thing. That said, why layout artists or people in a similar field should not be underrated. But despite the importance, why are they still underappreciated in 2021?

What started it in the first place?

The reason why creatives in tech are underrated dates back to before technology was a big thing. Before the internet existed, most creative works were focused on entertainment, such as films, fashion, and decor. None of them needed to put fancy designs in newspapers or books. In newspapers, all it needed was a systematic layout that everyone would have the ease of navigating.

Books were more to be decorated by the words they used in writing rather than the physical aesthetics. One could say that at that time, creatives in tech were unimaginable.

But with the creation of the internet, that changed. Slowly. From plain text displays to colored screens- it has become increasingly complex over the years. At some point in time, a usable and efficient application relied on its layout and design.

First Impressions Matter

Web pages before used to be simple. Too simple that it started looking clunky as time passes because of the amount of condensed text it contained. This is where first impressions come in. Researchers have expressed that first impressions on web pages are essential. This is because it takes as fast as a second for people to decide if a website is worth visiting or using. It gives them an idea about how easy it is to navigate or how complex it is.

Before, when the internet was still in its early phases, many web pages did not have a single ounce of aesthetic designs we have today. This was in effect because of the capabilities of technology before. But now? Whenever we encounter an outdated website with an interface dated back to the ’70s, most of us are not inclined to use it.

That is why web development companies these days are created to be functional and attractive enough to hook their users to use them. Now in 2021, we no longer see clunky websites that much, but when we do, we get the idea that its makers did not invest much in them. In fact, these clunky out-of-touch designs often get people to mock it online with the sarcastic phrase “Graphic design is my passion.”

If that’s the case, why are creatives in tech still underrated today?

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Given what the impact of design and layout has on web pages, why are they still underrated? It all boils down to underappreciation and how we generally value artistry.

In many countries, work related to the arts is often frowned upon. A career in graphic design and layout often gets a bad rap in many countries. All the encouragement and value often gets poured into those in science, like doctors, engineers, and software developers. It comes to the point that appreciation for the technical fields becomes saturated that people overlook the creative value in works (in this case, web pages and consumables on the internet) when it greatly affects the user experience we get.

User experience in technology is heavily influenced by the way it looks and how it stimulates our senses. The work and creativity these people pour out greatly affect the convenience users experience. When a website has poor design and layout or lacks thereof, the common feeling people get is an inconvenience. And inconvenience is one thing people hate dealing with, especially when it comes to technology.

User experience these days are rooted in simplicity and convenience. Especially when the call for inclusivity for people who are disabled or those who have difficulties understanding technology like older people are being prioritized.

In short, the lack of appreciation for creatives in tech is unwarranted. As technology and digitalization become more prolific, it is important that we change the way we appreciate and compensate our creatives in tech. They carry the overall presentation of the product; without them, an ingenious idea would be neglected because of poor design and lack of aesthetics.

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