New Technologies That Are Worth Every Entrepreneur’s Attention

Before the pandemic, technologies that seek to enhance different business processes were already underway. Though the unforeseen situation slightly hampered their launch, they are the most used technologies at present. These technologies continue to innovate workplaces and ventures, helping streamline different tasks, as well as optimize consumer and business owner experiences. If you’re looking for ways to enhance operations, take note of the technologies changing the business world.

Contactless Transactions

The safest and most ideal way for consumers to get their goods during this time is through contactless transactions. Cashless transactions offer flexible payment options, including online payment through a business’s website and bank transfers. Once a purchase has been made, clients can choose to have their items delivered to their doorstep or opt for a curbside pickup. This way of purchasing essentials is convenient and safe for customers since they no longer have to leave their homes and risk getting infected.

Remote Operations

work from home

Before the pandemic, the idea of working from home seemed impossible for many companies. Working in traditional workplaces was just how tasks were normally accomplished. But with the virus posing a huge threat to everyone’s health, remote work has become imperative. With working from home, employees experience better work-life balance, helping them muster the motivation they need to accomplish different tasks. Companies even go as far as shouldering some of their staff’s household expenses that are being used for work. For instance, they give incentives for electricity, helping their personnel work in a comfortable space by allowing them to use upgraded devices and even have an AC unit installed in their home office.

Communication Programs

Although communication programs were used even before the pandemic, these programs have been enhanced and updated to accommodate the needs of the new normal work setup. Emails and company-wide chat software are the most commonly used communication tools within departments. With the sudden and drastic changes in the workplace, there have been numerous innovative additions as well. These include cloud storage and even more inclusive business apps. With cloud storage, employees are given access to files and documents and are even allowed to put in their opinions in the “notes” field and see real-time changes to a document.

Automation Software

Technology is used to streamline processes. When these tasks are accomplished immediately, professionals can focus on other business matters. Automation software includes artificial intelligence, and with this technology, businesses can breeze through recurring processes and even gather data at the same time. It manages, collects, analyzes, and gives the gathered data to the person meant to receive it. On the other hand, artificial intelligence commonly works in customer support through chats and can even process basic paperwork.

Partnering with Influencers


Companies and businesses are now tapping influencers native to various internet platforms as product endorsers, and for a good reason. Most people spend more time on the internet than watching television shows, giving internet personalities the reach they need. Considering their massive media following, influencers are very much on the same pedestal as A-list actors when it comes to the number of fans. By partnering with influencers, businesses can enter and mobilize their target market on different platforms.

Virtual Reality

VR technology is not a new invention, but fresh ways of using it in different fields have steadily increased. It’s normally seen in the gaming sphere, wherein players can explore in an augmented reality setting for immersive gaming. The very purpose of virtual reality is incredibly helpful when used in different fields, such as real estate and retail. For real estate, VR technology works to provide both realtors and home buyers a convenient and cost-effective way of selling and checking out houses, especially in the time of the pandemic. For the retail industry, virtual reality is used by clients to see products first hand.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

With promotions being done online, your business’s online presence also needs polishing. Instead of going to physical stores, customers now opt to inquire about an item online to see if it’s something worth going out for. When you properly market your products on your social media accounts, more people will come across your posts, which will give you plenty of chances to make sales. Social media marketing is also significantly cheaper than traditional promotion since you do not have to print promotional materials or buy add space from conventional media.

5G Technology

Now that remote workspaces are slowly but surely becoming the norm, one of the challenges this work setup comes with is connectivity. 5G technology focuses on enhancing connectivity by allowing you to experience faster internet with minimal delays than 4G. With a faster connection, you can come up with new ways to boost some processes in your business. For example, you can offer VR technology to your clients and allow them to experience your products and services without interruption. This can also be used to train your employees even when they are working from their respective homes.

Take Away

Business and technology always go hand in hand. With business, technology will continue to innovate. With technology, businesses can consistently provide excellent service for their patrons.

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