Indoors or Outdoors: Which Works Better for Baby Photo Shoots?

The first few months of a baby’s life produce the most magical moments. There will be a lot of firsts, but perhaps none is more anticipated than the baby’s first photoshoot session. Being the first, parents will always want to make this shoot special. Thus, make sure to hire expert newborn photographers in Utah so that you can cherish the photos as you look back years later.

After hiring a photographer, the next primary concern of the parents is usually the location. Should they have the shoot indoors or outdoors? Either site has advantages and disadvantages based on the parent’s preference.

Shooting Indoors: You Have More Control

Let’s look into the pros of an indoor photo session first:

Just entering the studio will give parents a greater feeling of control in most aspects of the photoshoot. In a safe environment where everything that they need is within reach, they’ll be able to direct poses, calm the baby down, and manage poses easier.

Indoor shoots can save you time since you won’t spend much of it finding the perfect spot.

Logistics Is Lighter

This brings us to the next advantage of the indoor photoshoot. Not only do you save time, but you also save money by having it done inside. On-call or on-site photographers are generally more expensive because they expect to lug their equipment with them to wherever the client requests them.

If they can set things up quickly and easily within the comforts of their studio, then they might otherwise charge cheaper.

Timing Is Easier

If you’ve ever experienced taking care of a newborn baby, then you know that timing is everything for them. They’re very vulnerable to distractions, and you have to capture them at an exact moment when they are calm.

Doing it indoors does away with these outside interruptions such as passersby, roving critters, or traffic noise. The baby will also be shaded from the sun, which can cause them distress.

Shooting Outdoors: You Get More Epic Photos

baby photo

All that sounds good, but why do you still see newborn photoshoots being held at outside venues?

Generally, it’s because parents want to get more glorious shots of their babies. They have limitless options outdoors compared to indoors, where they’re subject to location restrictions.

Space also won’t be an issue. If you’d like a panorama picnic shot or a photo shot from far away, you’d only be able to capture those moments in the great outdoors.

Practice More Poses

Speaking of space, your baby will also have more room to crawl, roam, and be free during the photo shoot. This is, of course, provided they are under strict supervision. They might be distressed more often outside, but you can take advantage of their fussing and have more candid shots that you can keep.

Also, more prominent space means more family members can squeeze into the frame!

Lighting Isn’t an Issue

Another distinct advantage of an outdoor venue is your unlimited supply of glorious sunlight. This abundance of sunlight allows for various styling options, such as incorporating dramatic shading, utilizing a play of light and shadow, or simply shooting your happy family across a bright, golden meadow. Let the magic hour make your moment!

Your baby might not be aware of it yet, but holding a newborn photoshoot should be a momentous family occasion. So enjoy every minute of it, whether you’re doing it indoors or outdoors.

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