It’s fun to watch a concert with a group of friends. You get to see your favorite bands or artists together and hear them perform live — an experience worth treasuring for a lifetime. But have you considered watching a concert on your own?

It may seem daunting to watch a concert on your own, especially if it’s at an unfamiliar venue. Watching a live music performance alone, however, is a special and unique experience you should try at least once in your life.

Why Go to Concerts Alone

There’s a distinction between trying something out alone and being lonely. Loneliness means isolation amid the need for social connections whereas being alone is preferring solitude. And there are benefits to doing things on your own. For starters, you can enjoy a concert at your own pace and reflect on your experiences.

Other noteworthy effects are:

  • More opportunities to meet new people

Going to concerts with your friends may keep you from meeting new people as you’re likely to spend most of your time hanging out with them. Attending a concert alone, however, is a great opportunity to meet new friends, chat with other people, and build a new network. You’ll also be surprised at how many random people will initiate friendly conversations. It’s easy enough to start one since you already have common ground: the music and the artist.

  • No need to worry if you’re friends are having a great time

In some cases, your friends may not enjoy the concert as much as you do. Seeing your friend’s disinterest may spoil the fun for you. If you’re at a concert by yourself, you’re free to dance and sing along with your favorite artist.

  • Control your schedule

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When a concert ends, you’re still feeling that energy and high from the music and positive vibe. Why cut it off because a friend has to go home at a certain time? If you were to go on your own, you could meet up with new people at an after-hours club or have early breakfast at a 24-hour diner.

Improved creativity is another key benefit of spending time alone. Research suggests autonomy, which means “a lack of concern for social norms” and “a preference for being alone,” is a personality trait commonly associated with creativity.

Listening to Live Music Helps Reduce Stress

Today’s technology allows you to listen to your favorite bands or musician on your computer or mobile devices anytime. You can also download their albums and songs easily. But watching your favorite artists sing live is a different experience. Live music also helps uplift your mood and reduce your stress.

Research shows live music has a correlation with feelings of well-being, self-worth, and closeness to others. Other studies also suggest watching live music helps reduce cortisol and cortisone levels, which are stress hormones the body’s adrenal glands produce.

Researchers didn’t associate any particular music or type of music experience.

A concert experience can be shared with people you know or new friends. Whether you decide to see your favorite artist with a group or on your own, you’ll benefit either way. At least now, when no one yu know can come with you, going alone wouldn’t feel so daunting.

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