Marrying the person that you love is a beautiful experience. But planning a wedding is a whole different story. Not everyone can afford an Instagram-worthy wedding, especially if you have other bills to pay.

Pulling off a beautiful wedding celebration is expensive. You need to think about the food, favors, not to mention the music that the band will play during the event. And all these things can add up to your already high bill. But how much does a wedding cost nowadays?

The actual cost of a wedding

You might be surprised, but the flowers, invitations, and everything in between can add up to a hefty amount. Nerdwallet says that weddings typically cost $33,931, and that amount doesn’t include the honeymoon expenses yet.

Although the amount is steep, experts point out that the amount can get skewed. You still have the liberty to change any of the usual expenses into something more affordable. That’s why they often advise readers to treat it as a benchmark and not an expectation.

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Take a closer look at the details

To get a much lower cost, you need to be flexible about a few aspects of your wedding. Instead of hiring professional services, you can ask a friend to bartend for your wedding. Doing so will help you save a few hundred bucks.

You can also ask wedding planners about venues and wedding videography packages that will fit your budget. If you’re planning to hold your wedding in a major metropolitan area, expect to pay higher prices compared to other sites. If you want to save even more, you can hold the ceremony and the reception in the same location.

You also need to look at the guest list. A few venues allow a certain number of guests. They also price each number of guests accordingly, which can affect the overall expenses of your wedding.

The season is also a crucial part of your wedding. Although summer is a perfect time to get married, it can be expensive since a lot of couples get married at the same time. You can consider doing it during off-peak months such as February to take advantage of a much lower rate.

Negotiation is the key

If you want to cut a few hundred bucks from your expenses, then consider negotiating with the vendors. Bear in mind that vendors who are new to the business charge less than those who’ve been around for several years.

You can also ask if they can offer you a lower rate. Check every service included in the vendor’s packages. If there’s a wiggle room for negotiations, then don’t be afraid to ask.

Planning for a wedding is a tedious process. That’s why most couples often ask a wedding planner to manage everything for them. If you’re planning to hire one, it’s best to trust your guts. See if they’re someone whom you feel comfortable with when it comes to all the details about your wedding. Doing so will ensure that you can have open communication with one another.

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