One of the significant ways to generate income as a side business is merchandise sales. Great merch is critical; merchandise can be the difference between breaking even on a show or making a profit. With that said, here are some pointers for creating and selling custom promotional products that stand out.


When it comes to wearables, especially t-shirts, the garment you choose is vital. While it’s essential to keep costs down to a minimum, you must design a shirt that feels and looks right for your brand. The last thing you want is an ugly sweater to represent your brand. Instead of going for the usual white or black colors, consider using heather grey t-shirts for merchandise. These shirts look and feel more expensive than plain t-shirts. 

Crystal Water Bottles

Crystal water bottles are just like any other water bottle, except they come with a removable crystal shard attached to the bottom. Customers can choose from a variety of crystal bases for their containers. This product will appeal to those who believe in the healing properties of crystals. According to Google Trends, interest in crystal water bottles has skyrocketed.

Phone Docks

Smartphones are the most ubiquitous gadget these days. Promotional phone docks with your branding are great ways to get your customer’s attention, and everyone appreciates accessories for their smartphone since these things provide both style and utility, especially when watching videos or having video calls.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a modern fashion concept that can be sold in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. As an extremely versatile item, tote bags are the perfect gift for your customers. Aside from being handy, tote bags are also durable and great for the environment. Tote bags are also perfect for booths at conferences and conventions; they can hold the rest of your brand’s merchandise!

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are a fantastic way to make your customers notice your brand if the first cup of coffee each morning is vital to them. Your brand logo can be put on display with every sip. A wide array of mugs can be sold depending on your customer’s needs.

USB Sticks

When it comes to gadgets, pen drives provide lucrative space for your brand logo. Pen drives are widely used essential tools rather than accessories for anyone who regularly interacts with computers. They enable your customers to carry your brand image around with them wherever they go. Pen drives go far!


Luxury and fashionable brand new interior of cloth store

Wristbands can be very fun. They provide a low-cost option to get your merchandise out there at events such as concerts, exhibitions, professional events, athletic events, and charity fundraising. Easily manufacturable in many colors, customers can sport multiple wristbands with your brand image. 

When deciding what products to sell for effective merchandising, bear in mind that trends are always changing. What’s working now might not even work a few weeks from now. It’s crucial to stay on top of trends, but the options listed here are safe bets that have been tried and tested.

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