The Basics of Planning a Buzz-Worthy Product Launch Event

The industry is more competitive than ever and the consumers’ behaviors are changing rapidly. In the midst of all these, how can you make a lasting impression with your new product? How can you showcase its uniqueness and convince customers that it’s worth it?

A product launching event in Utah or anywhere in the world is one way to create hype on your new product before its official release to the market. This is when you officially introduce your latest product to the public, building anticipation and gathering momentum. And it isn’t just a simple event — it should be executed with creativity, originality, grace and boldness, all of which should be reflected in your new product. With a brilliant stage setup complete with A/V and top-notch lighting equipment provided by a reputable stagehand company, your new product and your company will earn the spotlight in an instant.

That said, here are the basics of planning a product launching event:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Product

If you’re not the one who came up with a product, talk to the ones who did, and familiarize yourself with everything about it. On the other hand, if the product is your own brainchild, study it with together with the team who has helped you build it. Gather opinions from copywriters, higher management, and your company’s various departments. To gain a better understanding of their feedback, also try the product yourself.

While trying your product, do it from a perspective of an ordinary consumer, and form unbiased opinions. That way, you’ll know how to pitch your product on the launching day, as you’re familiar with both its production process and finalized version.

2. Perform Beta Tests

Beta-testing the product before jumping right into the launch is a necessary step to take. Ask your testers to make comparisons of your product versus other ones similar to it. Garner their feedback about the product’s image as well; does it successfully send the message you want to spread?

Pre-launch tests are highly important in determining whether your product has the potential of being a best-seller. It gives you a chance to improve your product should it turn out to have a lot of weaknesses.

3. Choose a Suitable Venue

Now that your product is launch-ready, it’s time to plan the event, starting with its venue.

Consider a venue that relates to your product. For example, if it’s a sports product, it could be best launched in a sports complex with a function room for events.

If your market is the local demographics, select a good venue within that state or city. You don’t want to inconvenience your guests by making them travel long distances for your product launch event.

If an industry-specific venue isn’t your choice or what’s suitable, then the key is choosing one that would not steal the spotlight from your product. Make it an impressive one, but not too garish nor mediocre.

product launch meeting

4. Choose the Perfect Date and Time

You can choose to launch your product on the day of its release or several weeks prior. If you opt for the latter, choose a time when the anticipation is at its highest, preferably one to two weeks before the official release date.

Consider the season where the product is meant to be enjoyed best, too. If it’s a swimwear collection, then there’s no better time for it than the beginning or right before the beginning of the summer.

Your other options are times when the industry’s activities are at its peak, or on industry-specific holidays. Whichever you choose, make sure that it’s around a time when the industry and market are booming.

5. Keep the Hype Going

A few days after the launch, the hype on your new product may begin to dwindle, so it’s important to have a plan that will keep it going. Continue to post photos and videos from the event on social media through the use of hashtags. Send out newsletters to your customers and consider offering incentives for those who will buy your new product.

By applying all of these strategies on the launch day, you’ll surely brew the anticipation and spread the hype successfully, making your target market excited to get their hands on your product.

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