Online Marketing Strategies of Big Companies You Can Implement

A business can only thrive if there are people who patronize it. But it would need an element that can bring a business rise to popularity. The most effective way to do it is by advertising, and it’s proven and tested. It has stood the test of time as a powerful method to get people informed about a brand.

We live in an age where more and more people have access to the internet. This is why marketers have settled in a new venue to make their pitches. Digital marketing has become a staple for big businesses to reach an audience.

Small business owners can take notes from their bigger counterparts. There’s a lot of ways they can emulate online marketing strategies big corporations do. Here are some of those that they can apply for their small businesses.

Maximizing Social Media

There’s no better place to make your brand known by people than social media. According to recent statistics, a person spends an average of 2.5 hours on social media. Don’t lose the opportunity for people to see your brand while they use that 2.5 hours on social media platforms.

Maximize the use of social media. Do this by signing up for business accounts on different platforms. Expanding your reach can also give you the ability to target other audiences. This can translate to more revenue. Aside from that, social media has free tools that can help you with your business. They offer statistics that can tell you more about your social media reach. This way, you’d be able to determine your trajectory. You’ll know which audience to target next.

There’s just a lot of things social media platforms can do to help small businesses. No wonder they’re the number one go-to platforms of big companies when they’re doing extensive ad campaigns.

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Developing Creative Ad Campaigns

Creating content for ad campaigns isn’t easy. You can’t make one just for the sake of making it. There needs to be a solid concept. Do you notice how big companies do it every time they’re introducing a new product? They play around with a specific theme for every new ad campaign.

If this is something that isn’t your forte, hire people who have the expertise. You can work with corporate video production service providers to do the campaign for you. There are also content creators with who you can relay your ideas. These people can better execute visionary tactics when it comes to making creative ad campaigns.

Making a Trend

Going viral can be one of the most beneficial moments to happen for a company. While some can unintentionally go trending on the internet, some do it on purpose. Remember that Popeyes tweet that went viral, directly addressing their competition Chick-fil-A? How about that time when Wendy’s was roasting everybody on Twitter?

There were social media strategists behind these viral tweets. If you’re bold enough to pull off a move like these, you can do it. You just have to keep in mind that it’s a friendly competition. That’s if you’re going to go against your competition and start a satirical tension with them. You can also just think of a way to catch people’s attention. Maybe something that’ll make people take a video. Say hiring a celebrity look-a-like and make them eat in your restaurant. There’s a lot of creative ways to go viral nowadays. You can do some of those in the most responsible ways.

Having Advocacy

Doing something meaningful can make you win people’s hearts. This is true especially for today’s generation that’s more socially aware. This is why a lot of companies who rally behind a specific purpose thrive with their campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business. You can always imitate the good deeds big companies are doing. Do them in your own little ways.

You can start with eliminating plastic use in your business. Or, you can initiate a tree-planting event for a company retreat and offer purposeful promotions. Let’s say you run a restaurant. In that case, you can introduce a promo where people can pay a little more for their food to buy a meal for a homeless person. Support a cause that’s closest to your heart. Donate to charities of your choice. Use the power of social media to persuade people to help you with your business’s advocacy. Be reminded that you have to do this with sincerity, online or offline.

Established companies have tried and tested a lot of online marketing strategies. That’s why they’re the perfect models to imitate when it comes to digital promotions. Try some of these and emulate the success of big companies, too.

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