Digital Disruption: Making Insurance Application Better with Tech

Out of the processes a person needs to get a house or secure a loan, the insurance industry has always stayed traditional. It has done so to accommodate most of its customers, who are already advanced in age and finds more security in the old way of doing things.

The insurance industry has always remained dependent on getting details through phone, email, or even an interaction with an agent. It should be easier to handle canceled homeowners’ insurance using a CRM that presents easy-to-accomplish options. This is where the tech advances of recent times come in.

Canceling your insurance is a lot easier, and you don’t even have to go out through some recent tech disruptions recent years. Here are a few of them and how they’ve been a big help through the years.

Easier acquisition of new customers

If you can’t reach new customers, make it easier to have those customers reach out to you. This technology helps your clients connect with your company even during the pandemic. From selling products and new offerings to knowing how to reach out to new customers, this technology can help greatly during the pandemic.

It should also help insurance companies connect more with millennial customers. It has been shown that this generation is more likely to purchase insurance online, as compared with previous generations who have a preference for the “human connection.”

The use of current technology is a big help to companies that want to know their customers more. It’s also easier to price a client’s insurance claim, among other processes, when using digital means.

Retention and quicker underwriting


In the world of insurance, agents are the ones who bring in the money through client acquisition while money goes out through claims. It’s easier to retain customers through quicker pull-ups of their insurance and home records through an automated filing system rather than through manual means.

It’s also easier to calculate data if there is an easier way of making adjustments to a client’s policy. Technology can also be used in practical applications, like telematics measurement devices inside a clients’ car. Aside from telling your customers how much safety they have and the distance they’ve driven, it also helps you calculate their policies.

With more flexibility and customization, the underwriting process is made more accurate, and the customers more comfortable knowing how accurate their policies are.

Help for claims to bring in profit

Claims are part of the policy process and are often seen as a way for money to leave the insurance company. On the contrary, all that’s needed is an accurate way of calculating how much policy coverage a customer should have. If it’s accurate, then these claims can bring in more money as much as they give out to clients.

With a better claims process through technology, customers and clients will both have easier times closing deals. Technology can also help agents interact with customers without being in one place, something that’s really important due to the pandemic.

Eliminate the tedious processes in filing

When your agent has closed a deal, they’ll usually manage a lot of paperwork for filing and documentation processes. Never mind that this is a slow process, but it can also be boring to do. Automation helps companies to fill in details faster. It can also boost the productivity of the company by 30% with a fully integrated system.

AI requires a heavy investment, however, and that’s the way it should be. Your company could make all of that back through claims retention, the proof of which is in the number of decisions per employee to the amount of 15%.

The AI in Claims Processing


There are different reasons customers make insurance claims. These range from something as simple as a broken finger to a large claim due to an accident occurring in a client’s facility or industry. It could take a pretty long time to make decisions regarding these claims.

There are a lot of ways to cut costs for these projects through automation of processes. That sounds like a big win for the company since more clients will be convinced to sign up with how efficient these processes are.

A lot of processes have been adjusted and modernized during the pandemic, and improving insurance claims is big. The adoption of this process is not for the company’s betterment; it’s also for the significant improvement of the entire insurance industry. Changes will continue to happen over time, and one can see it enhance this sector.

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