Videos have an immediate impact on those who watch it. A video is an influential marketing tool because it combines the tone of voice, music, dialogue, emotions and facial expressions. These elicit certain feelings from viewers and may lead them to act the way you want them to.

One of the most significant factors that affect the quality of your videos is the lighting. Experts on corporate audio and video production cite the following reasons to prioritize lighting during the process.

It Sets the Mood

When you produce a video, everything has to click. The lighting plays an important role in this because it creates a mood for a scene. It sets the tone of the emotions you want to convey to those who watch it; the feeling can be serious, jovial, playful or others.

The light highlights certain parts of a shot and the facial features off the actors. It also draws the attention of viewers to something you want, such as your products or services.

Shortens the Editing Process

If you want to reduce costs and publish the video within a shorter timeline, improve the quality of the lighting. Poor lighting delays the editing process and means more work to it. Make the lighting work during the shoot to stay within the deadlines.

Set the lights where they are supposed to be and use the appropriate angles to create the effects you want.

Better Quality Production

A poorly made video will turn off audiences. They will notice the sloppy effort and won’t bother watching it at all. This also reflects negatively on your brand image. High-quality videos boost your reputation for quality, entice viewers to check out your products, or help instruct employees about your policies and their jobs.

The lighting is an important aspect of the production, as mentioned in the three points above. Invest in better equipment and the right people to use them. This approach saves you money in the long-term and improves the quality of your videos.

Know the Space for Proper Lighting

Lighting is important, but you should know where to and how to use it properly. The amount of light you’ll need will depend on the space. Some factors that can affect this include:

  • Shoots indoors or outdoors
  • Wide-angle or tight shots
  • Close-ups
  • Shooting for a particular mood

Consider these when you want to use certain types of lighting for your videos.

Three-Point Lighting

TV studio set

Three-point lighting is one of the basics that you need to implement when shooting videos. It is simple but sometimes overlooked. This concept uses three kinds of lights that one needs to use for a video. These are the key light, fill light and backlight.

The key light is right next to the camera, the fill light is placed opposite of the key light, and the backlight is behind the object.

These three work together to bring out the best in production. You have to find a balance among the three to get the results you want and set the mood for the scene.

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