How to Market Your Commercial Space in the Middle of a Pandemic

Times are not only changing. They’re also incredibly tough for many businesses, including commercial spaces. The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down companies, leaving thousands jobless, and draining everyone of their hard-earned savings.

Take Utah, for example. About 33% of the business owners said they already closed one location a week before they participated in a survey. Meanwhile, nearly 20% reduced the number of paid workers.

In other words, marketing your commercial space is going to be tough. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not doable, especially if you have these tips:

1. First, Fix It

If you want businesses to spend now, you better make sure it’s worth it. Repair those that need fixing or, better yet, improve its look:

  • Add a layer of epoxy coating on your concrete floor. Epoxy helps enhance the appearance by giving it a more professional shine. The coat also acts as a protective barrier, so your concrete lasts longer. Maintenance, therefore, is both easy and cheap. You can look for experts on epoxy floors to help you.
  • Upgrade the ventilation system. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently revealed that one cannot rule out an airborne transmission of the virus. In this situation, it can stay in the air for hours after an infected person sneezes, coughs, sings, or talks. Proper ventilation then is essential to help it dissipate fast.
  • Give the space proper lighting. Indoor lighting can reduce the stress levels brought by light glare. Outside, floodlights can deter bystanders and possibly criminals. They make the place feel safer for everyone.

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2. Go Local

Whether you’re marketing online or offline, the best people to reach out to is your community. According to HubSpot, over 45% of Google searches are from people seeking local information. Nearly 75% of online users visited a store within five miles after doing a local search. The last data seem to corroborate a Bright Local survey that showed most are willing to travel no farther than 17 miles for their needs.

Learn to market your business to the local area with these ideas:

  • Work with local real estate agents. Choose those that specialize in commercial leasing. Most of these already have a vast network they can tap. They also have excellent marketing tools.
  • Optimize your website for local search. Look for SEO experts who offer local marketing services.
  • Add your business information to or edit it in Google Maps. You can read this guideline on how to do that. The bottom line is you want the information to be clear, correct, and easy to find.

3. Be Considerate with Rent

In May, Utah launched the commercial rental assistance program that small businesses can use to pay their lease. However, not everyone can qualify. Even if they do, it can take many months before they can recover.

As a landlord opening your space for leasing, it’s time to compromise. You can lower your rent by 10% compared to the others or provide easy-to-pay schemes at least for the next six months.

No doubt, marketing your commercial space these days can be painful. But time blesses the persistent. With these ideas, you’re one step ahead of the others.

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