The online community has evolved from websites to internet milestones over the years. The Internet has been chiefly about sharing ideas and communicating with others. With the invention of the Internet, like-minded individuals have come together to start online community forums.

Forums are similar to friendly people in that everybody is on the same level, milling about and communicating with others. Since there are so many communication resources available, anyone can launch a subject, and anyone can answer one. Here are the seven most famous forums on social media.

IGN Boards

Do you ever think of mapping out an online community forum, specifically on gaming? You might be interested when you hear about IGN. IGN is one of the most successful sites for gaming updates. It has broadened its content and shifted its focus to film and television programs.

IGN is one of the oldest and most reliable sources for video game ratings and feedback. Also, IGN offers an excellent forum for individuals to share their thoughts and feelings. It provides more to its members than just a chat site. IGN has a listing of games for any category. Somehow, spoilers found ways through the last review, which put the readers off.


D2jsp is all about the commercial community and gaming. D2jsp was initially developed for Diablo II, the most popular game at the time. Both Diablo II players were presented with a forum to communicate. In addition, players used it as the epicenter to trade products.

D2jsp has evolved. It is host to a range of other sports, other entertainment types, and other debates. Maybe the breadth of this culture is one of the fascinating things. While most other groups we are talking about in some world regions are common, D2jsp is quite global.

Something Awful

This forum site is about movies, games, trivia, and comedy. This site is made up of humorous people. The key attractions of the pages include a blog, photoshop content, politics, and other significant issues of society through its almost endless flow of content.

Something Awful has become enormous, from corporate and political to recent gaming and film reviews. Furthermore, this forum has a subscription charge of $10. It prevents those with motives that could jeopardize the forum intention.


Reddit is affectionately recognized as the front page of the internet. Reddit is just a good old-fashioned chat site. It’s a spot where millions of people go every day to talk policy, exchange memes, and share every strange idea. Reddit is a discussion forum for business, comedy, and lifestyle.

Reddit was recognized as the thirteenth most visited website globally and the fifth most visited website in the United States. It’s fair to assume that everything on the Internet has been covered here.

two students


Nexopia is a website discussion for teenagers about lifestyle and housework suggestions. Since 2003, Nexopia has been one of the largest student forums. It is intended to provide a community for children. It is aimed at children aged thirteen years old and up. It even has a store filled with Nexopia merchandise.

Nexopia is a handy platform for kids. Children will seek advice and guidance on homework and other tasks quickly. Furthermore, the discussions on the theme are focused on the future of age encounters and discovery. Nexopia has suffered from both adult offenders and pedophiles. As a result, people are encouraged to be extra careful when posting online.

Gaia Online

Gaia Online began small, although it has millions of daily users. A group of comic magazine supporters initiated it. Gaia now has a diverse online gaming community, ranging from manga clubs to anime chat groups. The prime viewers for this site consist of adolescents seeking sociable people and building a group.

Gaia’s growth can be attributed to its novel address to social interaction. It goes a long way farther than just a discussion forum. In reality, it is centered on the creation of a virtual community for end users. Also, it is entirely free to participate.


4chan is a message board of images where everyone can exchange posts and feedback. This forum does not need you to create an account. It provides users with complete privacy and places no restrictions on material shared. Assured, it is not a darknet, and it is far less supervised than common social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Anonymity is the most appealing aspect of this forum. The anonymity is to let users freely express emotions and thoughts. Because of its privacy, freedom of speech, lack of limitations, and lack of filters, 4chan has been the epicenter of every hot subject.

Forum and chat websites are likely among the Internet’s oldest means of community. These forums are successful in their respective niches, bringing in millions of dollars in sales annually. More notably, by providing the details that you are asked for, it’s supporting the end-user.

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