Ah! Fall! The wind is crisp, there’s no threat of sunburn or sweat, apples are in season, and Halloween is just around the corner. There’s no better way to welcome fall than spending it outdoors playing games and having fun with your family. We have listed down a few fun activities you and your family will love.

Outdoor Games


This game is not just perfect for summer barbeques, it is a fun game for fall, too. Cornhole is great for players of any age and skill level. You may even personalize your boards with custom cornhole bags you can buy from reputable suppliers such as Cornhole Worldwide.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a picture of your family or your pets on your boards?

Capture the Flag

This is a favorite among boy scouts. And all you need is a handkerchief (or any similar object) and a large open space.

Bocce Ball

This game can be played on any open space like a yard or field where the surface is flat and level. A bocce ball set includes a Pallino, four red balls, four green balls, and a measuring tape.

Haystack Bowling

You don’t have to go to a bowling alley to play the game. You can line up two rows of several haystacks in your backyard, put the pins at the end of the lane, and you’re all set for an afternoon of fun.

Leaf Maze

If you have plenty of trees growing in your yard, hold off a bit on raking them until the leaves have fallen. Create a maze out of the leaves for your children to go through. You can put a prize in the end to spur them on.

Outdoor Activities

Leaf Jumping

One of the simple joys of childhood is jumping onto a pile of leaves. Just gather as much fallen leaves as you can and stack them up in several piles across your yard. Geronimo!

Color Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor walks can also be tons of fun. Take your kids outside on a color hunt! Pick a color and have them go around searching for objects of similar color. If they have a camera handy, they could even collect as many photos as they can of their finds.


This high tech treasure hunt lets you use any handheld GPS device instead of the conventional map to locate hidden treasures.

Tree Investigating

Traditional “hikes” no longer excite kids of today. “Tree investigating” does. Sure, they’re just the same, but part of being a good parent is learning how to frame things to your children. If you live in an area where there aren’t many trees, you can take a trip to the park or the playground. Any place with trees will do.

Leaf Hunt

closeup shot of autumn leaves in the tree

Here’s a cunning game parents can pull off. Have your kids go on a “leaf hunt.” Give them bags labeled “brown,” “yellow,” and “green” and have them “place” the leaves in the corresponding bags. They get to play outside, and you get the yard cleaned up. Genius!

Visit the Farmer’s Market

Fall would not be complete without taking a trip to the local farmer’s market where you’ll find all sorts of local produce. Most farmer’s markets even have outdoor entertainment for you and your family to enjoy.

No matter what activity you do, be sure to have fun together and bring home as many fond memories as you can.

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