Math has a bad rap. It has always been known as a challenging course to tackle, and people may feel flustered or awkward when you ask them about it. But math is not just a course. It is a language that helps you understand the mechanics of the world. It explains the things and phenomena that conventional language can’t explain.

Math is present in major disciplines, such as economics, meteorology, and even in your daily life. It is present in the Large Hadron Collider, and it is in your newly repaired Psion computer. If you take the time to appreciate it, you will realize that it can help change the world. It can help save the environment. If you’re wondering how, here are some of the things you need to look at:

It helps improve the weather forecasting system

The accuracy of weather prediction becomes much more accurate because of the mathematical models that meteorologists use. Modern weather forecasting depends heavily on an advanced computer to simulate certain phenomena or activities in the atmosphere. When weather prediction is accurate, businesses and individuals can make the necessary adjustments to save their ventures and lives. Specific mathematical models may also explain the interactions between weather elements, such as the ocean and the atmosphere.

It helps manage renewable energy sources

As the world moves toward a low-carbon environment, renewable energy becomes an effective alternative. That means that the demand of the world will be greater in the coming years. With this in mind, it is essential to manage it properly so that it will easily suit the demands of nations and communities, and no wastage will be accounted for. That is where the math comes in. Mathematicians and decision-makers conduct researches and studies to make sure that operating facilities and renewable energy plants will be efficient. Such an undertaking will also make sure that glitches and predictable problems will be kept at bay.

It streamlines computer mechanisms

Computers, whether for corporate or personal uses, become smarter and more powerful every year. And that is because of math; it is essential to understand that math is the foundation of any operating software or computing systems. Algorithms are also all about math. With this in mind, you can only expect that math will also improve how computers will work in the future. The incorporation of the Internet to everyday things, such as washing machines, TVs, and even vacuum cleaners, has been possible because of math.

It is all about data-driven decisions

save the environment

Decision-makers come up with decisions based on evidence and data. The insights that they get from this data all make sense because of math (statistics, to be specific). If you are going to make an environmental policy, you have to refer to data first to make sure that your decision will be foolproof. Information is also what scientists use when studying the past, such as simulating environments and scenarios. Restructuring facial make-ups of pre-historic people and fossils is also possible through data and math.

Math is constant

Math is among the many constants in the world. It’s the same in every country, and it follows a definite set of rules. And it has been helping change the world for the better ever since.

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