Winter is a special season. It is the perfect time for some snow-filled fun and adventure time with family, friends, or your special someone.  Couples can have loads of quality time with different activities outdoors. Here are some suggestions if you are looking at what to do with your sweetheart on a winter date.

Slide, Zip, and Turn

If you are an adventurous couple and you are well accustomed to the sport, skiing is the perfect date idea. Look for a ski-resort that you have not visited yet. Having new snowy hills to conquer adds to the thrill. Get your lady love new gear like the Black Pearl from Blizzard . This will help her execute movements more naturally as she navigates her turns – she might leave you with a trail of powder snow. The exhilarating feel of the cold wind as you zip through slopes will make for good memories to share. You may cap off this date with a night of good food, drinks, and some live music.

Glide Your Worries Away

Another great way to spend some time together is to ice skate on a frozen pond or lake. Make sure that the ice is thick enough and is safe to skate on, though. The “rink” maybe a little bumpy, compared to man-made skating rinks. But, the ambiance of the natural world around you is worth some bumps. Hold hands, glide together, attempt skating backward, or make some funny twirls. Nobody will be around to judge you. The cool air and some falls as you attempt to glide gracefully will lift your moods. You can enjoy cups of cocoa after some perfect turns and some failed ones.

Go Beyond the Summer Season

A twist that you can incorporate in your winter date is to go on a hike or go camping. A winter hike may be more difficult one done in the summer, but there is a different beauty to the landscapes during the winter season. Plus, there are also physical benefits to winter hiking, though you may also opt not to complete a trail but walk far enough to bask in the views, up close and personal.

Winter camping is a different thing. Extensive preparation is needed to ensure its success. But, simple pleasures such as being close to nature and stories and s’mores by the bonfire will be well-worth the effort

Tap the Children Within

A fun, cool, and inexpensive way to enjoy a winter date is to play with snow. It may be a simple afternoon out in the backyard. The two of you may build a snowman together or compete to see who does a better version. You may decorate your snowman with natural elements or with scarves. A rambunctious way to enjoy the snow is to have a snowball fight. Feeling sillier? Try to catch some snowflakes with your tongue. These activities will bring back happy childhood memories.

Take “Cool” Snapshots

couple on a date

With the abundant use of social media, this date idea will make a buzz among your friends. Wait for the appropriate weather. It has to be not too cold but enough snowflakes falling for effect. You may ask a friend to take pictures of you and your partner, or you may use the self-timer and tripod. The majestic fall of snow and your creative poses will make for a wonderful winter memory.

Winter does not need to be gloomy or boring. There are many outdoor activities you and your partner can take part in. If you want to have an indoor date, there are tons of activities available too.

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