4 Must-Have Qualities to Stand Out as an Event Planner

There are a multitude of events all over the world and right in your own locale, from countless organizations and parties, that require the skill set of an event planner. And, as with many other industries, the most reliable and professional people often get the most jobs when it comes to putting together events.

If you want to go down the career path of an event planner, there are many steps you must take, from building your network to gaining experience in the field. You might decide to work for an event company before setting off on your journey. Some of your first assignments might be riddled with rookie mistakes, but that’s to be expected. While mistakes are part of the learning curve, however, there are a few aspects you can work on if you want to succeed as an event planner.


The first few events will be rough for the inexperienced planner. Despite the number of months you took to lead an event, you may encounter unforeseen problems. Some of the mistakes made by other event planners cost them their careers. If you encounter struggles on your first few assignments, don’t give up. Your mistakes will turn into lessons in preparation for your next events. You will notice that your tasks will run more smoothly as the events pile under your belt. Experience helps planners anticipate problems and come up with quick solutions. A potential client will always choose an experienced event planner over a person who managed only one successful assignment, so hang in there



While clients will always look for experience, the presentation stage of the job is equally important. Take time to study and thoroughly research your ideas; take time to get to know what, exactly, your potential client wants. There is a chance that clients will choose to look elsewhere if they do not like your ideas. You will also lose your customers’ trust if you do not put effort into your presentation. To convince your clients that they are making the right decision, you should come up with a creative and detailed presentation of the event you plan to lead for them. You will also get extra points if you can provide them with the companies you will be coordinating with for supplies and sponsorships. You will need to get past the presentation stage to land a client.


When you manage to win over your clients, you must deliver on your task. Any event planner knows that the majority of the essentials needed for an event will come from established connections. You need to build your network and secure ties with different companies to make it easy for you to put together an event. For instance, most corporate events require a stage, which is why you should be in contact with a company that provides stage rental in Utah or wherever else the vent will be held. You must also have connections with firms that provide events with technical equipment and staff, as well as with a variety of event venues. When you establish partnerships with companies that can benefit your event planning career, you will have an easier time putting an event together.


You will arrive on the day of the event, which means that all your hard work will lead up to that one day. Your clients will be observing you while you work on the event, which means that you have to be as calm, collected, and efficient as possible – no matter what. The first event plays a pivotal role in your client’s decision to hire you for the next one. You will also be receiving positive feedback and a recommendation if you pull off a successful event.

The journey to becoming an outstanding event planner will take years of study and practice. You will encounter problems in your first attempts, but you will be able to master your craft eventually.

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