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One Wish

If you could wish for anything, what might it be...?

Tomato PSA

Hal Burley explains the health benefits of our old friend the tomato.

Invention 1

This week Brian interviews Sir Reginald who has blown away the art world with his photography.

The Animal in Us All

Face it: we all have a little animal in us...somewhere.

Invention 2

This week Brian welcomes a patent holder and forward thinking inventor for a discussion of the ownership of intellectual and biological patents in today's world.

The Secret to Happiness

Now, I knew what that was. Damn it. Wait. Wait. It'll come back to me...


Invention 3

This week Brian welcomes an author and intellectual who's written a definitive study of cartography and joins the show as part of a world book tour.

The Audition (Live)

A stage producer meets his match with a compulsive mime.

Invention 4

This week Brian welcomes a familiar face whose invented a cutting edge scheduling device.

Christ & Co. (Live)

The mysterious years of Christ's life (ages 12 to 30) are revealed.

Invention 5

This week Brian explores the latest electronic equipment designed to protect sensitive information in the global marketplace with eccentric designer and engineer Sir Reginald Bo-Hey No.