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Safety Geeks: SVI is pleased to offer you savings on protection from identity theft when you sign up online with our LifeLock promo code. You'll save 10% on your membership at plus get the first month of service for free.

Sign up for Lifelock today and use our Lifelock Discount Code SAFETY10 to save 10% and get a free 1 month trial.

How it works:

Go to and enter our discount code SAFETY10 during enrollment
Hit "Apply"
The discount will be highlighted
Finish up by entering in the rest of your personal info.

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So how much is a Lifelock Discount Code for 10%? That means, you'll be paying only $9 dollars a month to help protect your own identity from theft or fraud! That's pennies compared to what you'd pay if it happens to you.

Have you ever been the victim of identity theft? A few year's ago someone stole Dave's digits -- his creditcard numbers, not his fingers -- just before he went to Texas for the holidays. Didn't make for a happy Crimble. After many hours on the phone with the bank, the credit card company, investigators and his landlord, explaining why he couldn't pay the rent, it all got resolved. But, Dave got off light. It is a very real threat in today's world of internet purchases and swiping our debit and credit cards for store purchases. There are many ways in which we leave ourselves open to identity fraud.

Now, you can protect yourself with Lifelock. It is the simple solution and you can carry on with your life worry-free! In fact, they are so confident in their protection that they will spend up to $1 million to hire lawyers, investigators, consultants and more to restore your name and help you recover the losses from the identity theft.

SAFETY10, the Lifelock Discount Code that gets you protection for only $9/month is a great deal. Feel free to share this code with your family and friends as when you think about it, everyone can use this deal!

Sign up today and protect yourself and your family with the #1 trusted identity theft protection company, LifeLock.


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