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Dave and Tom: A Brief History

Dave and Tom: two great tastes that taste great together. But how did this writing and performing partnership come about? It was 1999 when Dave first got his chocolate in Tom’s peanut butter, performing together in the seminal British comedy revue, Beyond the Fringe. Realizing they had stumbled onto something, they moved it out of the path and kept going. They went on to perform Good Evening by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Inspired by the dry wit and comic ‘stylings’ of Cook and Moore, Dave and Tom took up the pen and concocted Good Night, 60 minutes of solid comedy. When Tom’s award-winning sketch troupe, Lester McFwap, had an opening, Dave was invited to join the quintet. Performing original material at various venues around the country, the LA based troupe turned its attention to the camera with a series of short films and an eponymous pilot, McFwap! which was green lit by the Sci-Fi network. Double Act, an edgy two-man multi-media comedy show followed as did Dave & Tom, A Tribute to Dave & Tom, a tribute show to their dead selves. Dave and Tom executive produced a feature length sketch film, The Archaeology of Comedy with McFwap which is now available at Amazon and Their online videos have millions of views and they are pitching and developing projects for television and new media. They are currenlty fundraising for a new feature film.

David Beeler
>>Writing Credits
>>Acting Resume

Born and raised in Kerrville Texas, he went to school in London and trained at The Central School of Speech & Drama while Laurence Olivier was the President of the school. David was "over there" for 10 years and highlights include: Hamlet, Ritchie Valens in Buddy, Puck, Edmund, and being directed in “The Scottish Play” by Dame Judi Dench.

Booth, a one man show written and performed by David, won a Fringe 1st at the Edinburgh Festival, as did an ensemble piece about John Wilkes Booth entitled Our Brutus which lead to a writing commission from a West End producer.

In LA, David was in Beyond the Fringe (LA Weekly Comedy Pick of The Week), as well as The Real Inspector Hound as Birdboot, Good Evening , Owl-Stretching Time, the world premier of unseen Monty Python sketches, Good Night and Double Act both of which he wrote with Tom Konkle. He was in the TV film, Red Skies as a gun toting kidnapper and is in the feature film, LA Twister (winner, Best Ensemble, Monte Carlo Film Festival). You may have seen David in a national commercial.

David is a member of the sketch troupe, Lester McFwap with numerous live performances in LA and across the country. The McFwap members also produced the eponymous, TV pilot, McFwap! and the feature length project, The Archaeology of Comedy now available to own on Amazon and IndieFlix. Dave stars in the film Behind the Cup (2 Girls, 1 Cup) and with Tom they star in several episodes of Sony Pictures Television's Comedy Gumbo.

He and his wife, Marieke, are busy with their latest production, their firstborn son, Chayim ("Kai").

David fears that Tom might be stalking him.

Tom Konkle
>>Writing Credits
>>Acting Resume

is a professional actor and writer who has also done sketch comedy for over ten years. Tom is the founding member of the sketch troupe Lester McFwap, and has performed hundreds of original shows around the country as well as having completed the television pilot, McFwap!

Tom has starred in the short films "Who Makes Movies," and "Sanctuary" to name only two. He has appeared in comedy films with David Beeler including "Seat Fillers!," "The Animal In Us All," "The Secret To Happiness," "A Paid Advertisement" "Destiny's Stop" and "The Argument Clinic."

Tom has written three screenplays including Village of the Darned and Last Breath. He has also written for television, short films, and industrials.

You may have also seen Tom in commercials, guest star roles on television and independent films. His stage career is extensive with shows including The Real Inspector Hound, Beyond The Fringe, Clare and Tom: A One Woman Show, Loot, Nevermore: The Black Cat, Good Night, Britcom, Double Act and many others.

The remaining Monty Python members asked him to direct, perform and ruin their never before seen sketches live in a show called Owl-Stretching Time. Tom was a series regular on NBC's Spy TV, Sci-Fi Channel's Scare Tactics and Fox's The Orlando Jones Show, Arrested Development, NBC's The Office, Back to You, Secret Life of the American Teenager and CW's The Game. Tom stars in four episodes of Comedy Gumbo for Sony Pictures Television and is the voice of the cup in the film Behind the Cup.

Tom recently wrote for and starred in a two man sketch show with John Cleese called The Art of Football.

Tom is starring in, co-writing and co-producing the comedy horror film, Quarter Cool Cthulu.

Tom wishes to allay Dave's fears by assuring him, he is stalking him.