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A feature length spoof of BBC and Discovery Channel documentaries which promise to reveal "a great mystery...." but somehow, never do. Host Richard Lagina (Dave Beeler) seeks the origins of comedy with the help of expert Sir Dr. George Flightus (Tom Konkle) who has discovered a lost Monty Python-influenced sketch comedy troupe called McFwap.


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Review: Blogcritic Magazine

Where have Dave and Tom been hiding themselves? The sketch comedy duo of Tom Konkle and Dave Beeler has developed the new comedy DVD, Archaeology of Comedy, which cleverly parodies Discovery Channel and BBC type documentaries. Richard Lagina (Dave Beeler), the host of Wraparound, is an investigative reporter type bloke who interviews a Dr. George Flightus (Tom Konkle), the “preeminent authority on the archeology of comedy, as well as the world’s leading specialist on geo-humorous tectonics.”

Archaeology of Comedy showcases some superb writing and comedic acting.

In the vein of Monty Python, AOC has the same sort of absurdist and surreal style of humor. There is a slapstick and physical component, but for the most part, the premise of each sketch takes a more cerebral approach. at what they do, The Archaeology of Comedy is a great discovery in the world of humor.

>>>>>>Mary K. Williams, BlogCritic Magazine
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Where does humor come from? How did it evolve over the ages? What was the world like back when wild dinosaurs and clowns roamed the plains together, side by side? What was the first joke and was it funny? Just what is this thing called ‘funny’?
The Archaeology of Comedy: the Search for Funny is yet another brilliant entry to the Theater of the Absurd, a magnificent romp through the hilarious surreal world of comedy that so well defines Dave & Tom. Technically Archaeology was their first foray into web shows and thus carries some of the duo’s best skits. Later shows such as Invention with Brian Forbesand Safety Geeks: SVI continued their particular fuse of Anglo-American humor, but it was withArchaeology that it all began. The short segments are loosely stuck together with the overall theme of a BBC-esq documentary series (or think Discovery Channel on crack).
It was also here that Dave & Tom established their British alter-egos. Tom’s Sir Doctor George Flightus in Archaeology bears a striking resemblance to Sir Reginald from Invention, and Dave’s Richard Lagina must be undoubtedly related to Brian Forbes. Both deliver a quasi Received Pronunciation accent, with Tom’s crawling deliciously out of his nose, while gumming out hilarious non sequiturs.
The skits are a crosscut of nonsense that are pointless to to explain: they have to be seen to be believed. Often complicated and elaborate, shot in a studio and even on locations, sometimes silly and at times unexpected intelligent and then suddenly just plain naughty. Sketch humor classics at their best come to mind, everything from Monty Python, Little Britain to SNL (the early years), but this comedy team does establish its own flavor of funny.
Dave & Tom have a fantastic cast backing and often leading the sketches, the very talented Gino C. Vianelli, Michael Neill and the hilarious (and gorgeous) Stephanie Stearns.
But it is the combination of the writing, acting and timing that makes this a great show to watch and great comedy team to watch out for.
After all, they’re the only one’s who dared to ‘kill a joke’. And you’ll have to see it to know what I mean.

>>>>>>Alec Corday, >> >> >>> >>>> >>> >>> >>> >>review

Parental Discretion Is Advised.

David Beeler …Richard Lagina /Various
Tom Konkle - Sir Doctor George Flightus
Stephanie Stearns …Various
Gino C.Vianelli …Various
Mike Neill …Various
Carlos Larkin…Various
Shanon Bobo
Shelley Delayne

Kurt Vanzo - Producer & Director for McFwap sketches
John Bonner - D.P.

hor Melsted - Camera & Special Effects
David Rosner - Camera
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